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All kinds of cheap fire bricks for sale can be purchased in RS Kiln Refractory Company. As a kind of shaped refractory materials, different from unshaped refractories, fire bricks for sale in Rongsheng have a standard shape and can be temporarily processed as needed. Welcome to Email us for Free Quote Here!

  • Various Cheap Refractory Bricks For Sale In RS Kiln Refractory Supplier
    Various Cheap Refractory Bricks For Sale In RS Kiln Refractory Supplier

All Kinds of Standard Size Fire Brick, Fire Bricks for Sale, Fire Resistant Brick Fire Bricks For Sale in RS Group. Click For Cheap Price!

Fire bricks have an aluminium oxide content that can be as high as 50–80% (with correspondingly less silica). Fire brick products for sale can be used as a high-temperature building material and structural material for building furnaces and various thermal equipment, and can withstand various physical and chemical changes and mechanical effects at high temperatures, such as magnesia bricks, silica bricks, high alumina bricksfire clay bricks, etc.

If you want to buy high quality fire brick products for sale, you should find a professional refractory material manufacturer or supplier that can satisfy all your needs. And now RS can provide customized fire bricks for sale according to customers’ different requirements. So every friends all over the world can contact RS for cheap fire bricks free quotation if you need.

High Quality Fire Bricks For Sale In RS Factory
High Quality Magnesia Chrome Bricks for Sale In RS Factory
Cheap Refractory Fire Brick From Rongsheng Company
Cheap Zirconium Chrome Corundum Brick From Rongsheng Company
High Quality Fire Bricks For Sale In RS
High Quality Phosphate Bonded High Alumina Bricks For Sale In RS

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What Are Fire Bricks For Sale In RS?

Fire bricks for sale, also called firebrick or shaped refractory material, is a kind of refractory material which possesses certain sizes and shapes. Shaped refractory materials generally refer to refractory bricks, which have standard rules in shape, and can be temporarily processed during construction as required. Fire block is mainly used in lining furnaces, kilns, fireboxes,  fireplaces and high heat equipments because its shape is similar to ordinary construction brick.

RS Fire brick for sale is built primarily to withstand high temperature, but will also usually have a low thermal conductivity for greater energy efficiency. Usually, dense firebricks are used in applications with extreme mechanical, chemical, or thermal stresses, such as the inside of a furnace, which is subject to abrasion from fluxing from ash or slag, and high temperatures. In other less harsh situations, such as in an electric or natural gas fired kiln, more porous bricks, commonly known as “kiln bricks”, are a better choice. Kiln bricks are weaker, but they are much lighter, easier to form, and insulate far better than dense bricks. In any case, firebricks should not spall, and their strength should hold up well during rapid temperature changes.

Where to buy Fire Brick? Interested in buying RS Kiln Fire Bricks For Your Project? Contact Us Now!

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Magnesia Bricks For Sale From Professional Supplier - RS Traders

Magnesia Bricks

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Magnesia Carbon Brick

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High Quality Magnesia Chrome Brick For Sale In RS Factory

Magnesia Chrome Brick

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Low Price Fire Clay Bricks From RS Supplier

Fire Clay Bricks

Fire clay bricks for sale are a kind of aluminum silicate refractory material. Fire clay bricks are made from clay minerals. They ...
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Mullite Insulation Brick

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Silica Bricks

Silica Bricks are made of quartz stone material, the content of SiO2 is more than 96%. The nature and craft process of silica bricks ...
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Low Price Mullite Refractory Bricks

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Excellent Alumina Bubble Bricks In RS Company

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High Quality Alkali Resistant Brick In RS Company

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Properties of Fire Bricks For Sale

Fire bricks for sale have good performance in lots of different aspects due to its variety.

Physical and Chemical Features: Fire Bricks Natural Advantages:
  1. Strong wear- resistance
  2. Excellent thermal conductivity,
  3. Good impact resistance
  4. Strong slag resistance
  1. Bulk density and apparent porosity
  2. Thermal shock resistance
  3. Refractoriness under load
  4. Bending strength
  5. Compressive strength
  6. High refractoriness and temperature strength
  7. Thermal conductivity, heat capacity and thermal expansion
Fire Clay Bricks For Sale From RS
Fire Clay Bricks For Sale From RS
Hot Sale Low Price Check Bricks From RS Factory Directly
Hot Sale Low Price Check Bricks From RS Factory
Grade I High Alumina Brick From RS Factory
Grade I High Alumina Brick

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Classification of Fire Bricks For Sale

Fire bricks for sale can be classified into different groups according to different classification criteria.

According To Production Process According To Dimensions And Shapes According To Chemical Properties According To Chemical Mineral Composition According To Application Occasions
  1. Fired bricks,
  2. Non-burned bricks,
  3. Fused bricks (fused-cast bricks),
  4. Fire-resistant heat-insulating bricks.
  1. Standard bricks
  2. Ordinary bricks
  3. Abnormality and special shaped fire bricks
  1. Acid fire brick
  2. Neutral fire brick
  3. Alkali fire brick
  1. Alumina silica fire brick
  2. High alumina brick
  3. Silica bricks
  4. Magnesia brick series
  5. Insulating fire bricks
  6. Carbon bricks
  7. Fireclay bricks
  8. Chrome bricks
  1. Metallurgy and petrochemical industry
  2. Cement industry
  3. Iron and steel industry, non-ferrous industry
  4. Power industry
  5. Ceramic and galss industry

Buy Cheap Refractory Fire Bricks From Rongsheng Company Now!

Raw Materials of Fire Bricks For Sale

The main raw materials of fire bricks for sale are fire clay. Fire clay is mainly composed of hydrated aluminum silicate, and its molecular formula is Al2O3·2SiO2·2H2O. It has the ability to not deform, crack, soften or paste at high temperatures.

Apart from fire clay, there are many other raw materials for refactory fire bricks, which are mainly divided into six categories: earth, stone, sand, mine, powder and others.

  • Earth: Aluminum soil, kaolin, clay, diatomaceous earth
  • Stone: Yingshi, kyanite, andalusite, forsterite, vermiculite, mullite, pyrophyllite, chlorite, dolomite, sillimanite, magnesium aluminate spinel, silica
  • Sand: Pottery sand, zircon sand, quartz sand, magnesia
  • Mine: Chrome ore
  • Powder: Metal aluminum powder, silicon micro powder, metal silicon powder
  • Others: Asphalt, graphite, phenolic resin, perlite, floating beads, sialon, corundum, silicon sulphate, silicon carbide, water glass, silica sol, alumina, aluminum sol, zirconia, etc.

Fire Bricks Price In RS Factory

RS Fire Bricks For Sale Online sells a variety of best and cheap fire bricks for sale. You can enjoy  unexpected discounts at Rongsheng company. So if you want to buy high quality fire bricks for sale cheap, please contact us for further information and free price list!

Advanced Chemical Detection Euqipment In RS Factory
Advanced Chemical Detection Euqipment In RS Factory
Advanced Physical Detection Euqipment In RS Factory
Advanced Physical Detection Euqipment In RS Factory

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Advantages of Refractory Fire Bricks For Sale From RS Factory

When it comes to fire bricks, maybe we always can’t help comparing fire bricks with regular bricks. What we think in our mind is why refractory fire bricks are better than ordinary bricks? Maybe you can know the answer from the following chart.

Fire Bricks VS Regular Bricks


Fire Bricks

Regular Bricks
Production Temperature/ above 1200℃

between 800℃ and 1000℃


Mainly yellow and beige, with rust iron on the surface

multiple colour


T3 :230-114-65mm



Kiln, tunnel kiln, heating furnace, power plant, steel plant

Pavement, landscaping, community square
Index Parameter Refractoriness, load softening temperature, wear resistance, size

Compressive strength, void ratio, size

RS cheap refractory bricks factory
RS cheap refractory bricks factory
Best Production Equipment In RS Factory
Best Production Equipment In RS Factory
RS Company Cooperate With Customers Around the World
RS Company Cooperate With Customers Around the World

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RS Fire Bricks Suppliers

RS Refractory Kiln company is a professional fire bricks for sale manufacturer and supplier in China.

After 20 years’ development, Rongsheng has become a comprehensive enterprise producing refractory in metallurgy, electric power, building materials, chemical industry,glass, non-ferrous metals,etc. Besides, we have independent power to engage in import and export trade and 3 automatic production lines for shaped, unshaped and insulating refractory materials.

Rongsheng company has established a complete quality system and implemented quality control for all employees and the whole process. All kinds of products and various indicators have reached the ministerial standards, and have been rated as the product quality trustworthy and good after-sales service credit by the Zhengzhou Municipal Technical Supervision Bureau and the National Famous and Special Products Center.

RS company’s main refractory fire brick products have magnesia bricks, azs brick, high alumina bricks, fire clay bricks, series, carbon bricks,etc. Our products are popular in the whole country and have been exported to Vietnam, India, Korea, Russia, Pakistan, Iran,etc. We have been highly praised by our cooperation partners after cooperating with them and kept further cooperative relationships. You must buy high quality fire bricks for sale and enjoy the best service at a lower price in RS. Therefore, don’t be hesitate to email us for acquiring what you want if you are searching for excellent fire bricks for sale cheap.