Direct-Bonded Magnesia Chrome Brick

Magnesia chrome bricks are basic refractory product which’s main crystalline phase is periclase and magnesia chrome spinel. Direct-bonded magnesia chrome brick is made from low impurity chromite and high purity calcined magnesite. Their sintering temperature is above 1700℃.

Direct-Bonded Magnesia Chrome Brick
Direct-Bonded Magnesia Chrome Brick for Sale in RS Factory

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The main bonding type of direct bonded magnesia chrome brick is direct contact, magnesia and chromite are closely contacted with each other, silicate is expelled to corners. Therefore, this phenomenon is called periclase-periclase and periclase-chromite direct bonding. Compared with ordinary magnesia chrome bricks, direct bonding magnesia chrome bricks have higher purity and higher sintering temperature. 

Direct Bonded Magnesia Chrome Bricks Characteristics

Low impurity content and high direct bonding ratio.

Good resistance to so slag resistance.

 Excellent high temperature performance and thermal shock resistance.

Refractoriness under load temperature is higher than 1650℃, or higher than 1700℃.

Direct-Bonded Magnesia Chrome Brick Physiochemical Index

Item DMCr-8 DMCr-10 DMCr-12 DMCr-16
MgO % 77 75.2 74 69
Cr2O3 % 9.1 11.5 14 18
Apparent Porosity % 18 18 18 18
Cold Crushing strength Mpa 50 55 55 55
Refractoriness under load(0.2Mpa) ℃ 1700 1700 1700 1700
Bulk Densityg/cm3 3.04 3.05 3.06 3.08
Thermal expansion rate %1600℃ 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.6

Direct Bonded Magnesia Chrome Brick Application

Direct bonded magnesia chrome bricks are mainly used in rotary cement kiln, steel making electric furnace lining, refinery furnace (RH upper groove and lower groove permanent lining, VOD furnace wall), nonferrous metals smelting furnace, glass kiln regenerative chambers, lime kilns, iron mixing furnace and so on.

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